Laura Fleitas Ortega

Laura Fleitas Ortega

Chief Executive Officer

Born in Paraguay, and for the last 17 years a resident of Madrid then Southern Spain, most of Laura’s decade long Health and Wellness career has been dedicated to the public sector.  While acquiring a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry, Laura’s ambitiousness and high level of motivation propelled her to become a great facilitator, and some say a fountain of new ideas.  

Why CBD?

After being diagnosed with an immobilising form of Degenerative Disk Disease at 19, Laura was prescribed two different opioids, drugs which left her, for many years, feeling dispirited, lethargic and depressed. In 2018, Laura was introduced to CBD oil, and it changed her life. Within weeks she was almost pain free, rarely had any mobility problems, and suffered no side effects. She has never returned to the overwhelming prescription drugs.

After finding her niche in the cosmetics industry, the introduction of CBD seemed a perfect fit for Laura.  With its application as a balm to relieve muscle pain, or a facial cream to bring life back to the skin, the added benefit of hemp and CBD has revolutionised the cosmetics industry, and awakened millions of people to a new way of thinking about this incredibly versatile plant.

Our Story

Why Wellness Link Was Founded

We started Wellness Link when we discovered a need for a company that could bridge the gap between manufacturers of high quality CBD skincare products and distributors. With the CBD cosmetics market set to rise by $1.7 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 32.9%, we aim to be the experts in CBD skincare networking. Within our huge network in the wellness industry we kept hearing about companies wanting to stock CBD infused cosmetics, but were finding the process challenging with legal barriers, high MOQs and slow and unreliable deliveries. We decided to help suppliers navigate the complex CBD market, get the best competitive price and create a seamless route to market. We are passionate about the benefits of CBD in general and in skincare specifically and with the rise of ethical consumerism we want to educate wellness brands on the power of this amazing ingredient.

We only work with manufacturers who ethically source their raw materials and produce skincare which have no harmful ingredients and commit to full transparency and no greenwashing. We always ensure all supporting documents are compliant with legal terms. With more and more brands jumping on the CBD bandwagon, we ensure to source, test and supply only high quality cosmetics and to make it easier for buyers to choose the right product at the right cost. We believe in transparency in business and strive to build and maintain strong and long lasting relationships.

"My skin generally seems more toned and even - I'd even go as far to say it's plumper and softer too. These CBD converts are absolutely on to something - I'm convinced."

Bianca London

Website Editor

Glamour Magazine


“We believe in the power of nature and that CBD is a game-changer in skincare. We think it will become a beauty staple in the near future!”