Benefits of CBD in skincare

CBD works with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help your body maintain balance, it acts according to individual needs. It goes directly to where your body has issues and goes to work there, including the skin. In skincare CBD’s superpower is working against inflammation, which is the root cause of most skin issues.

In research CBD has been seen to significantly improve acne, redness, irritation and aging. It has even been shown to help more serious conditions like eczema and rosacea. According to the American Society for Clinical Investigation, CBD helps reduce acne breakouts by calming inflammation and reducing sebum production.

CBD is an extremely powerful antioxidant, some claims say it is stronger than vitamin C. Antioxidants prevent damage to your skin from molecules in the environment and is a heavyweight against the aging of the skin. It is also rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin A, D and E.

In cosmetics, CBD works best in synergy with other cannabinoids. This is why formulations with full spectrum CBD is more efficient in skincare. Full spectrum CBD is sourced from the whole plant which means it contains an array of beneficial active ingredients like vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, flavonoids and terpenes.

When choosing your CBD cosmetic products, it is important to go for brands that are 100% transparent with their ingredients and where they source their materials to ensure you get the full benefits.

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